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Laptop Rant

I'm starting to get seriously fed up of the laptops my work likes to buy.

This seems simple - all I want to do is image them so I don't have to do a full reinstall (and miss software) each time staff wreck them. We have 5 laptops for 'general' use and some staff have laptops instead of their desktop computer (4 staff).

6 Laptops are the same specification (2 'general' and the 4 staff ones). Those 4 work with my image software (g4u) but the network ports are rubbish and can't keep a constant connection (luckily they have windows on which 'forgives' the constant dropouts), this means they won't upload or download an image. All these laptops have 10/100Mb ports.

I solved this problem by using an old D-Link PCMCIA card which was purchased in 2000 (or early 2001) which was for 2 previous laptops which didn't have any network card at all. Luckily this works with g4u and happily uploads.

Now, I'm making a backup of a laptop before I reinstall it and thats causing to be a pain. Firstly, it didn't like to boot from CD so I had to dig out a USB Floppy drive. Its a different model to the other laptops (different maker as well) and shock horror its network port is even worse. After a fight it does seem to be imaging now so that seems good.

I have two more laptops to rebuild after this, I highly doubt that their network ports will decent enough for me to get an image off so it'll be back to the D-Link 660.

Oh, and finally the desktops in one lab have a network port that doesn't register on the imaging software so god knows how they'll get imaged.

On good news, I finally worked out what was making Morrowind crash so much on my PC. The sound card 'acceleration' was the problem, after disabing it in dxdiag the program hasn't crashed once.
Tags: imaging, laptops, work
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