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Silly error

Another chance to get annoyed at a stupid error message.

Situation - I'm plugging my USB stick into a laptop I'm installing.

'Note:- You have plugged a hi-speed USB device into an low speed USB port, your USB device may not run at full speed. Please click here to find out which USB ports are hi-speed'

Click on the message and then the OS happily says

'You have no hi-speed USB ports'.

Why bother telling me about hi-speed ports and displaying them when there are none installed?

Sorry - bad day and I have rehersal tonight. These sorts of things drive me up the wall, especially when installing computers. Not even going to mention the stupidity of students.

On the good side - I've seen the new faculty head and she seems okay and we got some more information about the move. Sounds like we're going on the 4th June - which suits me fine.

Still wanted the move during April but I never could be that lucky.
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