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Pageviews and work

After reading this BBC blog all I can say is 'thats a lotta pageviews. Now, I know how unreliable webstats can be - just read this page - but its still an enormous amount, and its all in ONE MONTH.

Work has been 'difficult', lots of little problems from staff and student. The laptop I've been fighting with still hasn't surrended - I set up a 'standard' user and set all the programmes up (MS Office, Realplayer, Quicktime etc) but whenever I reboot the machine and log it on again it resets the profile and 20 minutes of program setup has to be redone. XP is doing something stupid (do what I tell you to do, not what you think I want) and its seriously annoying me.

Oh well, off to badminton now to calm down.
Tags: badminton, laptops, work
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