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Something to be slightly happier about at work.

I've finally worked out whats up with the laptop. Windows uses 'profiles' - to stop people adjusting wrecking the computer desktops I set 'mandatory' profiles. You do this by taking the file NTUSER.DAT and renaming it NTUSER.MAN (simple). The laptop, if disconnected from the network (which for its use will be the norm) ignores the MAN file and recreates a DAT file for some unknown reason. So, all the configuration changes are lost. So, I've left the DAT file alone and set it to readonly (and then messed with the security permissions as XP overrides it to try and stop that). I've also got a backup of it on the machine and every so often I'll replace the copy. Maybe it'll sort it, maybe not.

I also have the other machine imaging - after my image software didn't pick up the network card I had to be creative. I used Knoppix to get access to the computer without touching the drive and used the unix program dd to create the image which I'm 'Piping' through a compression program which is then 'piped' to a file on the webserver (only one I have ssh running on). My image program does roughly the same except it uses ftp (need to work out how that works). The only think I can say here is 'thanks for the unix boot cd and the unix ability to pipe'.

Evening in tonight, fry up and then I may do some cleaning or just sit around enjoying the peace - not sure if I'll be online but most people have been offline/away when I've been on lately so I doubt it'll be noticed.
Tags: imaging, laptops, unix, work
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