madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Strange Computer

At work, sometimes staff bring their home computers to me to repair/service etc. I like doing it as I have the knowledge to do it, and it doesn't really take too much time (usually).

Well, one staff member bought her computer in and it wouldn't boot - nothing, nada. I try and boot it a lot. Hard drive makes some funny noises etc. I suspect the drive is dying so, when she calls I tell her this. I need to check how much memory etc it has so I turn it on, for some reason the damn thing boots - slowly but it boots.

She buys a new hard disk and I copy all the data across using g4u. I also do a full virus check and adware scan as well as ensuring the system is bang up to date, scandisk and defrag etc (all part of the service). The computer is working fine now so I'm not complaining.

Another satisfied person
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