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Six Nations weekend (no. 3)

Its that time of the week again. After a week off last week the Six Nations Rugby starts up again.

Today its Scotland V Italy (Scotland should win) at 3pm, Ireland V England at 5pm (very tough call) and finally France V Wales (France should win) at 8pm. Of course - anything can happen, the Ireland V England game is full of history and its also being played at Croke Park which has a big history to it (not just sports).

So, the madman will be watching Rugby today (Union version, not league) and hoping for an England win. To make it confusing - England, Ireland, France and Scotland can still 'win' the Six Nations but England and France are the only teams who can win the 'Grand Slam' (beat everyone). Currently England and Ireland can still win the 'Triple Crown' (beat all other 'home' nations - i.e, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales).

Even more so - some of the games have their own 'trophy' - for example the England/Scotland game is for the 'Calcutta Cup'.

Actually - instead of trying to explain it - how about I post the wikipedia link

Don't worry everyone - the last game is on the 17th March so I'll be shutting about the six nations after that :-D
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