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Plans and plans

The weekend has been too short again (isn't it always).

Tomorrow is going to be a small battle. I need to get the bulk of the adjustments for the PATS database finished. Now, luckily its basically an access database so the changes can be made a lot quicker so that'll help. Once I have the 'main' part tidied up I'll need to meet with my manager so we can fill in a reply to a 'information request'. The information we send to them won't be very accurate at all (but it'll probably be better that the rest of the other faculties).

The 'long term' plan is to completely overhaul how we do the testing - mainly by small changes so we don't 'lose' stuff and being a little more proactive. I expect it'll make me a little less popular with the rest of the technicians who do the PAT tests but it will be for the best. The main task will be a room 'audit' so we can catch the stuff thats falling through the nets - also, when the moves take place (I should be moving w/c 4th June).

Oh yes, apart from the room audit (the plan is a few groups of 2 or 3 people working on that in 'bulk') guess who is doing all the work. Yep its me as usual - as the only IT person in the technicans as well as a database person I end up with the task again.

Thats life I suspose - at least my manager did ask if I needed any help. The answer 'yes, but there isn't another database person handy is there?' really summed it up - some stuff I can get help on but this isn't one.

Back the the battlezone tomorrow and lets see if I can pull the rabbit out of the hat this time. I need a holiday - anyone know of anywhere :-p
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