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Here we go again

Another day at work that I'm annoyed at. It started pretty well, I got over to the main campus for a meeting with my manager - he was sorting something out at the time so I had 1/2 hour to myself. So, off to get a cuppa tea (surprised anyone?) - the person who was on the tea place (there is a sort of kiosk for tea/coffee away from the main canteen) was getting some extra stuff out for the milk/sugar/cup lid 'desk' and managed to drop a load of plastic lids on the floor - being polite (its the tablets) I helped pick them up and then ordered my drink which she gave me free for the 'help'. Being polite does have rewards, but all I wanted was a 'thankyou' - a free cuppa tea was very welcome. The rest of the morning was quite sucessful as myself and my manager were able to sort quite a bit of stuff out on the PAT testing front.

It started going downhill when I returned from the campus - notwithstanding a student who just likes to stir and complain (if he put that much effort into his assignments then he'd have a 1st degree) was being a real pain. Then an academic was moaning she couldn't get one of the laptops she uses from me (as I was offsite) and it was a problem as she couldn't find anyone else. Of course I'm the one who has to sort out her problems and ensure she can get the laptop - we let her use the laptop as a favour and the attitude she has really annoyed me. Its not hard to find out if I'm on site or not (its on the website for crying out loud and the office know as well), there are several people with keys to get the laptops/projecters but I'm not going to bend over backwards trying to help ANYONE who comes with that sort of attitude to me.

On the laptop front - I'm having to mess around recreating an image and then uploading it because of the useless NIC's. What should be a fairly simple process is turning into a slugging match between me and the laptops. I'm winning and shall win in the end, but they are putting up a heck of a fight.

The staff had a meeting about the rooms they'll get when they move to the main campus (W/C June 4th is the plan). They won't be happy as its multiple people to a room (my sources say 3 to a room) and there're all used to room to themselves. I'll be based somewhere else (near the labs) with the servers for company. I can't wait to move but I have a mass of stuff to do before that and time is ticking away.

I'd like to be in earlier tomorrow (8.00am would be nice), get that damn laptop imaging AGAIN and start looking at building images for Lab 1 or the MSc lab. My manager is coming over around 9.30am as I need to help him at 'Britannia Mill'. We need to do some sound tests in a couple of rooms - with musical instruments and guess who has some instruments:-D. Flute, clarinet and I'll pack the penny whistles as well. What do you think - Sailors Hornpipe is a good loud piece to play;-)

Well, tonight I've decided not to go to badminton (I decided yesterday in truth) so I might even have a nice long bath to relax.
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