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Make a noise

That was the plan for this morning - go to a room at Britannia Mill campus, make a big noise and see how much it effects other rooms. Imagine the scene. One electric guitar, one acoustic (amplified), 2 drums, 1 tamborine and a flute.

The guitars played chord sequences and I played notes in those sequences (on the flute as high a possible). The drums were just hit with no particular rhythm. In the room we hit 110db.

In the 'test' room we were heard quite well. In fact most of the building heard us - it proves the point, we know that with instruments in that room you can be heard in surrounding (and quite a few other) rooms.

Interestingly, the drums/lower instruments came through the floors while my flute was 'king of the staircase'. Although this isn't actually a surprise as that would be expected with acoustics.

Oh well, back to the normal amount of work.
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