madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

I should have guessed it wouldn't be easy

My morning has been tipped around something chronic. When I arrived on site one of the academics (who had arrived early to get some work done) has a broken computer. An hour of repairing that (actually an hour waiting for chkdsk to repair the problem) and they are back up and running.

Its completely thrown my day out and I'm trying to catch up (or remember) what I have planned to do for today.

When I made it home from music last night my internet was down so that also caused a few minor problems - the practice itself was quite good but during one of the medleys we are playing 'Sailors Hornpipe'. I now have that part of the tune all to myself so its basically a solo - what joy the concert is in two and a half weeks time............
Tags: music, work
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