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Looks like another wasted week

This week is 'directed studies' at work. Basically half term and no lectures so there are very few students, if any, around. The same also goes for staff, so its a time of repair, update and general maintenance.

Well, that was the plan. Monday was mostly written off due to the hospital appointment. The afternoon was spent sorting out stuff. Tuesday was a bitty day - I got rid of some small jobs, but nothing like I needed to.

Wednesday - I had a meeting, at another campus (the main one). So, I waste a couple of hours travelling on the campus bus. Its the health and safety meeting - heads of department and faculty directors/assistant directors with others with certain safety responsibilites (of which I fall into the last category). The problem there is that a few people use these meetings for 'point scoring'. Every single point is argued and 'attacked'. Where the decision has been made (and a decent decision) it has to be repeated several times to get it clear.

Today was a little better, but by the end of this week I will have not caught up anything and I don't see how I can catch up.

The only good thing is that I repaired the fan I mentioned in an earlier entry. Now comes the part of working out how to attach stuff to it safely. I think some tight fitting grommits may do it - we'll see.

I suspect I'm more grumpy due to my wrist so I can't do a lot of the activities I do to clear my head and I don't like how depressing some of the conclusions my head is coming to currently.
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