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Wiki, wiki, yikes

We're going wiki mad at work a bit. We already have a student wiki and now I've created a 'staff wiki' (stiki) which hopefully staff can add/edit/update stuff on. If people use it then if could be an extremely valuable resource (hopefully).

Anyway, its not been 'released' yet as I'm putting some content in it to give people some idea. One of the things (well, the only thing at the moment) is instructions for my online submission system. I've just finished a 'quick guide' for the admin side of the system and its dawning on my how big this system is. I know that everyone was fed up of me mentioning it last year when I was writing it as it gave me some severe headaches. I also knew how big it was 'code wise' as well, but just this 'short' guide is massive and seeing something like that does show how big it really is.

Oh well, I hate to think how big the imaginatively called 'Not so quick guide' will be......

Off home soon anyway and its 'fry up' night tonight - I'm starting to empty my fridge freezer so it can be switched off during April (somehow I don't think I'll need it during most of April).
Tags: programming, wiki, work
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