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Last week I was in the Faculty office with the PAT tester to test the new laminator that they have. While I was there I asked if there was anything else that needed doing (as the tester was setup and I'd bought a toolkit in with me from home). The answer was no and that was that.

I get an email this morning from my manager asking me to urgently test some kit in the same office. Now, I don't have my toolkit with me which I'll need as I need a long screwdriver to test the fans (don't ask). For the same reason I need my multitester (same reason).

I'm going to reply to my manager in a bit (post cuppa tea) and tell him I'll have to do it in a couple of days when I've get a toolkit with me but it would have been nice to get all the stuff done while I had the stuff and was setup (but thats too easy isn't it).

Okay, I think thats calmed be done a bit
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