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Why do I bother

The week has been a write off - work wise. I have got about a fifth, if that, done of the stuff I needed to. More work is piling up, and I can't get rid of the stuff already there. I was hoping to take a couple of days annual leave just to recharge, but I can't afford the time at the moment. Looks like I'm not the only person at work feeling like this - its somehow slightly easier to take when others are like this (and not making a fuss about nothing like some of them do).

I'm seriously considering going in on a Saturday or two to catch up, but that is something I should avoid. That would be a bad plan, but it might be the only option. I can program stuff from home, either by uploading directly to work or using my server at home to hold the stuff. I don't want to do that either - but again, it may be the lesser of two evils.

I'm now hiding from idiots with torches bringing more work - I have cardboard cutouts loaded with pressure sensitive mines and a few other nasty surprises for the next one. I also have spare and decoys set up.

I wanted to get on IRC tonight, I'm way too tired. Being in the UK means that I'm ahead of everyone. It starts at 7pm for the US East Coast - that makes it 4pm for the West Coast people. For me its midnight. I do often hate these time differences. Thats life and it sometimes sucks - at the moment it sucks most of the time.

'I was put on this earth to do a some certain tasks. Right now I'm so far behind I'll never die'
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