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Catching up on the memes before I dive headlong into the stack of work on my desk/floor/build desk/server room/labs etc etc etc.

From various people.

Celtic Zodiac - actually this is fairly close, way off in a couple of places though.

Baby, what's your sign? (Celtic Zodiac)

You were born in the month of the vine. A determined shrub, the Vine is often found in hard-to-reach areas, leaving a delicate and beautiful path in its wake. In general, Vine individuals are discriminating, authoritative and set high personal standards. They appear cool and detached but are secret romantics who can be sensitive, vulnerable and self-critical. With an oddly dual personality, Vine people can be joyful and exuberant one moment and driven to tears the next. Their emotions tend to run on high, despite their outward appearnce of calm when facing danger or opposition. Vine individuals have a tendency to procrastinate, which must be overcome in order to avoid becoming lost in worry and negativity. While Vines generally help to create harmony and stability, they can become rather parasitical...or even totally dependant...on the good nature of others. Refined individuals with a good sense of humor (provided such humor is not too coarse), Vine people can be easily hurt by lack of consideration from others.
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