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You may not know it but the cricket world cup is currently on - and as world cups go you should have surprises. It looks like St. Patricks day has worked for the Irish. The Irish team won their group game against Pakistan - now, that doesn't sound too much but.....

(a) Pakistan are rated the 4th best in the world.

(b) Ireland are not rated as they are not a 'major' country in the cricketting world.

This is a serious upset - imagine a college club beating a major league club. So, I raise my glass in salute - Pakistan are out, which is nice for me because they have been quite contraversial lately and have been 'not in the spirit'. To me, the spirit of the game is as important as the result.

To quote a line you may have heard It just isn't cricket.

So, I'm just watching the highlights and then to bed as I have another busy day tomorrow.

News Report

Edit: Just been looking at the score card and the highest number of 'runs' was scored by the 'extras' - extras are errors made the by opponents. Should I start singing 'When Irish Eyes are smiling' - maybe not, my singing is seriously bad.
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