madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Budget Day

Today is when the Chancellor of the Exchequer does the 'budget'. This is the day when we find out what taxes are going up/down and which areas are getting what money etc etc etc. So, if often means that it tells me how much extra I'm going to pay in taxes.

So..., my result according to the handy budget calculator is that I'd be very slightly better off. In fact - its quite a small amount but at least its not a massive amount more.

If anyone is interested the BBC report is found here.

One useless piece of information - during the budget speach the Chancellor is allowed to have a 'tipple' (whisky,scotch etc) to ensure that he/she is 'fortified' for the duration of the speech which is usually quite long. This is the only time an alcoholic drink is allowed inside the debating chamber.

In other news - another annoying/bad day at work but I may mention it later.
Tags: budget, work
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