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5 a side fun

This afternoon at work was cut slightly short as we had the departmental '5 a side' training/games (hence my need to pack trainers for work today). Now, we have a lecturer who trains children to play football (soccer for US people). So, after a bit of training we started the game.....

Now, I've never been very good at football, not been my sort of game but I'm always for a challenge. The short training session was good as our 'coach' was good and helped. We then had the games and two 'captains' were choosen and they 'picked' teams. We had two games and I actually had a very good time playing (although I ran myself into the ground).

The surprise, you see, was this - I'm a fast(ish) runner and so although I wasn't the best player on the field (no surprise) I was causing lots of problems. By sprinting up and down the field I was creating problems which helped the better members of the team - at one point I had two people keeping an eye on me because I was causing a lot of problems as my fellow members were actually using me as a target and I was proving useful (yes shock horror I was). I even scored a goal (I somehow managed to get a foot out and direct the ball into the goal).

Now, because I was constantly sprinting (forward for attack and backwards to help defence) I ended up wearing myself out badly - to say I was sweating would be an understatment, luckily I packed some apple juice and that was very welcome. To be honest - I really enjoyed playing and for saying how I didn't like it before is something major.

Afterwards we decamped to the nearby pub for a welcome drink (for liquid replenishment purposes) and after a nice sit down I made it home - I've not long finished my dinner and the water is on for a quick bath.

The only slight downside is that I managed to crack the nail (in two places) on my big toe - although nothing major I did that by accident by running too fast when I intercepted the ball. It didn't slow my and looks worse that it is - it'll repair quickly.

So, I've ready and looking forward to the next practice and games (oh and the team I was on won both matches which was nice but not really important in truth).
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