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Local Elections

Today is election day for a good portion of the country. These are the local elections for the local councils. I didn't think I would be voting this year as my local council (Derby) has an election for 1/3 of the seats each year and this year is the turn of the 'seat' which is in my area (Derwent).

We shall see what happens as this one is (apparently) impossible to work out what is going to happen - usually there is a good idea of what will happen but all the commentators are being very 'netural' as they have less than a clue than usual.

I did vote, although it was hard to work out who to vote for as all the local councillors seem excellent at blaming the other parties and unable to do anything useful. I always vote, even when (like now) its hard to work out.

If your're that bored then check out the BBC 'Results' Page. Although a lot of councils won't have a result until well into tomorrow my council should have a count tonight - Keep an eye out for 'Derby'. Currently its in 'NOC' (No overall control) so we'll see if any party ends up in 'control' but I doubt that.

Okay - off to bed now. Its May Bank Holiday on Monday so I get the day off.
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