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What Fun - the Dentist

Well, a reminder alarm went off on my battered PDA reminding me of the dentists appointment first thing today. Trouble is, I don't like the dentists much. I have two slight problems here. The first is that my eyes don't like bright lights - I have tinted glasses for that reason. A bright light above me is not too pleasent. The second is that I don't like being touched - the best way to describe the reaction is 'scalded cat'. So having a dentist poke around in my mouth while shining a bright light on my fact is not fun.

Luckily nothing wrong, after the two teeth needing pulling over a year ago (one was so bad I had to go to a specialist). I had a 'scale and polish' as they call it and I go back in a year for a checkup instead of six months because my teeth are in fairly good condition (surprising but nice).
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