madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Long Weekend

This Monday we get the day off as it's the May Day Bank Holiday - basically I get a free day off work so its a long weekend. I haven't been massively active or massively lazy. The week at work was strange - it was the last week of teaching, so basically most students didn't turn up as most of the lectures were 'revision' one and therefore they believe its not worth turning up. Those lectures are the best ones in truth as they get a lot of hints and tips for the exams. They never learn and thats their problem. For me, as it was my first week back it was strange as there wasn't the mass of students with forgotten passwords etc and so I started my 'summer' routine. This is basically when I start my big programming tasks, the bit I've started is a 'wrapper' page which will make fixing my stuff into the current webpage style easier to do.

The second half of the week I spent trying to recover from the 5-a-side football Wednesday afternoon/early evening. As I'm not used to kicking a football around and that type of running it made walking since more 'painful' - badminton Friday was a bit more interesting due to it but it went well and I did manage to fly around the court fast enough (as well as falling over a few times).

Work next week will be about the same - its exam time so it'll be busy then quiet and repeat for two weeks.

Edit: Shower is dead - looks like I'll have to buy a new one

Oh - will someone remind me not to do as many sprints around the 5-a-side field next week. I did far too many and regretted it (but I doubt I'll learn).

Right - off to dismantle my electric shower and see if its repairable (otherwise I'll have to buy a new one which I don't want to).
Tags: 5aside, bank holiday, work
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