madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Annual Leave and Hospital visit


This week I have annual leave - not doing much, just using my it up so it isn't wasted. So instead of getting up early as usual I can relax a bit and catch up on housework and such like.

But today was different, I went to the hospital to see a specialist about my wrist/hand. I have pain in my wrist which has been kept under control by painkillers for 8 or so years. A few months ago the pain went into some fingers - which was not nice at ALL. I can't really play my clarinet, bell ringing is a no-no and it makes me more grumpy.

After a couple of weeks on super strength pain killers (which gave me side effects by the lorry load, but didn't kill the pain), the doctor referred me to a hand clinic. My appointment was mid afternoon today and I finally saw saw a specalist.

After a few minutes he wasn't too impressed with the suggestion from my GP that it was carpel tunnel syndrome and referred me for some nerve tests (do I have some????). So, I have another wait of 6 - 20 weeks for another appointment, then another visit back a couple of weeks later to the clinic.

The NHS is a wonderful thing, but waiting lists can be long. I'm just glad I'm in the system. Me chopping my right arm off at the elbow was a serious consideration at one point.
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