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A quiet(ish) day at work. Weather has been cooler and we had some rain as well - I'm hoping the rain will hold off enough so I can trim some of the back garden hedge but I'm not hopeful. My wrist is aching in that 'it will rain soon ache' and the light is dropping fast (lookout anyone below it) so I doubt the weather will hold.

I did my weekly shop after work tonight as yesterday was a Bank Holiday so the shops would have been manic. I really should start making a list - I have enough toothpaste for a while and I hate to think how much washing up liquid I have. I overdid the kitchen roll and toilet paper last week so I think I should consider making a list.

Oh well, back to finish cooking my dinner.

Edit: Its raining quite hard which is good for the grass but not for for when I would have liked to have trimmed the hedge.
Tags: shopping, weather, work
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