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Eurovision and Shakespeare

Tonight was 'eurovision' in europe. The night when songs from around europe are sung and voting made to find out which is the 'best'. However, this doesn't really happen - its basically a political type thing again. Its possible to workout most of the votes beforehand - although they one saving grace is the UK presenter Sir Terry Wogan. The best part is his humourous (and sarcastic) commentary.

A selection of his 'comments'

A BBC Flash game with sound (spot the sarcasm in it)

Wikipedia entry

Some of the acts have to be seen to be believed.....

In other news -
Manga Shakespeare - could be interesting.

Tomorrow I'm on checkpoint duty for the 'Wild Ways Walk' - I've helped out for a few years now and its not hard a task (but a long day). We're on 'checkpoint 3' in Taddington so its not an early start but it'll be a late afternoon/early evening finish.

Anyway, time for a long meeting with my bed.

Edit: Serbia won eurovision but looks like the political voting again - see the reporters log, report (check out the pictures.
Tags: eurovision, manga, wildwayswalk
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