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*heart attack*


I've just listened to the commentary of the football (soccer) match. Derby 'lost' 2-3 (after extra time) but as its a two leg game its a draw (4-4 in the end). So, they played 90 minutes, then another 30 (extra time) and then its penalties - which are awful to listen to.

Basically - each side gets 5 penalties and whoever has the most wins - if its a draw then they carry on until one side misses. Derby (my team) won - but I think I had an heart attack (one of the commentators didn't watch one of the penalties).

Its a horrible way to win/lose but nobody really worries if you win and so my team goes through to the 'final' to see who goes up to the Premiership.

Keep an eye on and for the report. Its belting it down with rain but I don't suppose the Derby supporters will mind (my mother and eldest sister are there). The Southampton supporters have a LONG drive or coach journey back home.

My nerves are shot
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