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I dropped my car off this morning at the garage for its MOT and a full service. I've just had a call from them and it has a couple of faults. In truth - not much is wrong for it needed to pass the MOT (a couple of light problems, suspension arm and a brake pipe). Also, the brakes only just passed and may need new pads etc.

All in all, it looks like its going to cost £400 which I can just afford as its payday next week and they don't take my credit card there. I was worrying that it would be a lot more but I'm happy its that much. The garage I take it too are great at keeping the costs down and are friendly and reliable.

Also, this morning I went to the hospital after dropping the car off and made an appointment for the hand clinic (its not far from the garage). I go in Monday 4th - I think it'll end up with them opening my hand/arm up to try to work out whats wrong but I think I need that now. The anti-inflamatories are having no effect anymore.

Finally - on my way to find a bus to get to work I stopped by the opticians to get my glasses repaired - the screw on one of the arms was loose and I hadn't been able to get it back (neither could several others). The optician tried and finally put a slightly bigger self-tapping screw in to sort it out.

So far so good, cricket commentary starts at 10.45am - lets see if England can post a big score.

Now for a cuppa tea.
Tags: car, cricket, hospital, work
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