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Quick Morning post

I finally made it to work (left late and there was lots of traffic). Woke up to the news that the Cutty Sark was on fire. This is a big thing as its one of the 'major' landmarks and has immense historical value. By the sounds of it the damage isn't as bad as they think (plus its undergoing major works so a lot of it is not actually there currently). I hope for the best - its someonthing to see and in the middle of London (its on part of the London Marathon route too).

Secondly - my hand/wrist is killing me, I started a puzzle yesterday and it seems like the action of putting pieces together aggravates it a lot.

The first cricket test between England and the West Indies looks like it'll end on a cracking note. 5th day and England need 10 wickets to win, West Indies need almost 400 runs (the former is more likely) so after the 5th and final day today so I'm going to be tuned into Radio 4 LW most of the day. If you want a laugh (or wince especially if your're male) read the 1854 entry on the commentary yesterday. Trust me, it sounded a lot worse when I heard it.

Finally, I read a story about a remake of a British classic film - St Trinian's. I hope that they don't ruin it like they have on other UK film remakes (Italian Job, Ladykillers etc). Some of the old Ealing Studios films are brilliant but have been badly let down by the remakes. I'm still dreading the remake of The Dambusters film.

Okay - better stop and do some work (and make a cuppa tea......
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