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Today was the play off final at the new Wembley statium. My parents and eldest sister were there. After a tight game my team, Derby County won by a single goal and have been promoted to the Premiership. Its a big thing to happen this - I'm not the most avid sports fan but I do follow my local teams and can get excited - especially if its a good game like this one was (BBC report)

Also - England won the test cricket match after losing all of yesterday and part of today to rain. They managed to inflict the heaviest defeat on the West Indies in their 79 year record of 'test' (ie international) cricket. Although most won't understand it England won by an Innings and 237 runs (which is a huge margin).

Edit: Had a couple of text messages from my mother - first one 'lost voice, can't speak'. Second one 'not stop shaking'. That about sums it up
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