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6 days - 50 years ago

50 Years ago, Israel launched its pre-emptive strike against Egypt, Jordon and Syria. Known as the Second Arab-Israeli or more better - the 'Six Day War'. Its interesting from several viewpoints - its polictical repercussions were (and still are) immense.

The arguements will go on for years but you cannot hide the fact that 'little Israel' managed to soundly beat the 'Arab nations' and cause severe upset to them. Especially as there were definate signs of those nations were planning and attack - they may have been only bluffing but we will never know.

One of my main interests, as people may know, is military tactics etc. Its an interesting conflict from several 'viewpoints' and worth reading up about.

There's lots of things to read about this conflict - some are interesting and some are 'adjusted' to show other viewpoints more favourably. These latter ones are also interesting to read but you always have to think on which 'point' the article is written for.

Anyway - two articles I would highly suggest are both from the BBC Website.

Overview of each day of the war
Memories of the Arab-Israeli war

Conflict is always negative - but we should always remember history and the lessons learned. Otherwise we are doomed to repeat them.

Two major lessons (of many here)

Never underestimate your opponents (Israel had a smaller military than any of the other 3 countries).
When cornered an enemy can fight a lot harder.
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