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busy day

Over this last week I've had to jump start my car each time I've wanted to use it. The battery was basically being boiled but luckily I have a jump start unit which made the task fairly easy.

As I suspected the alternator had broken, was overcharging and basically boiled the battery acid and killed the battery. I was going to get it booked in for repair next week - but the garage said they could do it today. Now, last night was a late night (past 1am) due to IM - apart from being bullied it was nice, so getting up this morning wasn't exactly easy. I ended up taking the car to the garage, walking home and then having some breakfast.

Within a couple of hours the garage had fixed the car and I walked back to pick it up. A new alternator was quite expensive but I did get some money off as this particular garage give a discount to AA members (of which I'm one). Thats the last time I try to jump start battleship using this car - my old Vauxhall Nova could jump start the battleship, this Peugeot can't. Oh well - you live and learn.

I've even managed to get some laundry done (its on the washing line drying at the moment) and a fair bit of cleaning too. The back garden grass has been cut but I still need to attack the hedge.

Oh well - boring type post but I'm quite pleased with the amount of work I've got done today. Now, its time for me to cook dinner and have yet another pot of tea.
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