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Rain, rain and rain

Its raining here - and has been mostly raining for quite a long time. It was 'interesting' to hear all the blocked roads this morning (luckily not near my routes). There are a lot of flooded main roads towards the Peak District - it sounds like we've had a month of rain in a day. The railways have been badly effected but are starting to move a bit now. We're not the most badly hit and there are some 'gains' being made with some roads reopening etc. I may need to start packing some paddles in the car if it carries on (but I won't be putting two engines on the back of the car).

Some local pictures here

Some other pictures

I was wondering why we were having so much rain, but then I realised its the start of the two week Tennis tournament known as 'Wimbledon'. The weather is a constant source of 'fun' in the UK but you can guarantee it'll rain during Wimbledon fortnight.

Oh well - quiet day at work, most of the department are on an 'research away day' which has let me do some admin type work on the servers. Not a massive amount done per se, but a useful day and I got a lot of peace and quiet.

Oh well, a bit over an hour left before I finish and go food shopping.

Edit: Home now - scrapped the shopping run because of the idiots who drive like its bone dry out there. Shopping planned for tomorrow now.
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