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Today I've spend most of it in a cloud of tiredness. It didn't help that I overslept today and really didn't want to get out of bed. Getting to work was easy enough and I bit the bullet today and updated MySQL and PHP on the webserver, installing from 'source' is not too hard but is quite boring (in truth I only needed to do MySQL but as I have to rebuild PHP due to the fact I did MySQL it seemed a decent idea). Anyway thats done and dusted and the server seems to be happy.

Other than that I've not really done too much today. In an hour or so it'll be time for football so I hopefully will shake some of the tiredness away. I could easily sleep and I doubt people would notice. Weather has been 'changeable' - its bright sunshine currently but its also threatening rain as well (and has rained quite hard at times).

Oh well, drinking even more tea than normal and trying to at least get something work related done this afternoon.
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