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Mixed fortunes

Well, a couple of days of mixed fortunes.

I seem to be making some inroads into the computer setup backlog - problem being is that to do this I stayed late both yesterday and today (I left a few minutes before security would have kicked me off site). Sure I get the time to sit and work on these machines - but boy its tough going as I loose a portion of my evening and whats left of my brain is numbed. If I can continue this up for a few more days then maybe I will be able to actual 'see' the difference (that being one labs computers replaced and another lab upgraded).

Thursday was fun - I went to a meeting at another campus (main one) about the new pay structures (basically how to make the latest 'screw the workers' thing sound great). Now, I HATE politics, I would prefer the people to say 'we can't afford this, but this is what we're doing' instead of 'to ensure that the system is more fairer.....'. Put it this way - whent he head of 'Human Resources' (how I hate that term - it should be Personnel but as that sounds old fashioned.....) got up and did his piece there was so much spin that I though he would take off. Needless to say the meeting, for me, was useless. Luckily, my manager was there and he had a couple of things to give to me (as I'm on a different campus this does happen). We had a good informative chat and with a bit of luck this may, in the long term, improve my situation - although this has been tried a couple of times before, as the saying goes 'third time lucky'. Last of all, I went to the on-campus bookshop and treated myself - a Derbyshire version of Monopoly has been released as a limited edition and I treated myself to it. I may take a few pictures and post them up of the board.

I had a conversation with [info]babyghia Thursday evening - although it was late afternoon for her and approaching midnight for me (this time difference can really confuse you).

One funny thing - [info]lilly_rose texted me - it arrived the exact same time my office 'phone range - I jumped a mile, it was funny after I calmed down.

Although the idiot with the torch is still bringing me more work - they (too dark to see if its a he or a she) are slowing up as I've set out some trip wires and other assorted traps.
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