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Team Building

Today I had a 'team building' session with work. Luckily, as its technicians they tend to have 'less boring' days. Today was a simple 'walk' up Kinder Scout and back down - first stopping for a 'Rope Breaker' breakfast in Haversage.

Now I had to be at the campus for 8.15am - so I walked with my backpack (with waterproofs etc) to work and met up with some of the people. We then drove and met up with everyone else. After the large breakfast we got to Edale, changed to our walking boots and proceeded up to the top of Kinder Scout up the route known as 'Grinsbrook'. The weather wasn't exactly brilliant - we had various amounts of rain and sun. At the top we had a nice break and as I had taken my camping stove and pots with me, someone else had brought some sausages we enjoyed a quick cooked food break (unfortunatly noone had picked up any bread). Afterwards we walked along the edge and down via a different route - someone ending up in the 'Nags Head' pub for a nice pint.

After that we went back to the cars and went home - I was dropped off near home and hot in about 20 minutes ago. So, I'm having a lovely pot of tea - a quick microwave meal and then a nice long hot relaxing bath.

My rucksack, walking shoes and most other things in the rucksack are probably quite wet due to the large amount of rain we encounted. A good time was had by all and it was a good day out with the techies.
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