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Do I drive or paddle home......

Another day at work almost finished - I didn't get much done on what I wanted to. I did have a long meeting with someone who was very interested with some of the (madcap) systems I've written over the years for work. I may talk about it more in another post (just to bore you all).

Anyway, once I've finished this cup of tea I'm off home. Its raining heavily today and I'm wondering if I'll need to find some paddles to get myself home. Badminton tonight so I can hopefully clear my head of work stuff.

Edit: Made it home without needing any paddles. Finally got the cricket commentary back as there seemed to be a problem with the LW reception and I was able to get it via the online feed. Found out the the LW transmitter got 'very wet' and malfunctioned.
Tags: weather, work
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