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Another day done. For once I left at my actual 'finish' time and went straight home. Monday is when I normally do my main weekly shopping but I have enough stuff in to survive - I walked to the nearby shops for some more milk (slight chance of running out and I need my tea) but thats all. I'm very tired - I'm going to cook some dinner and after I've cleaned up I'll have a sit down and decide what to do later.

We had the bi-weekly team meeting today and its getting more and more annoying as people are always running over the same point time and time and time. People are also talking over each other (and getting louder) and when that happens I end up not hearing anyone as its all one great big noise. I was helping another member of staff out later and she checked with me if people were repeating themselves - just to make sure. These meetings have been very useful - but the pure annoyance factor and 'repeating' is making them almost (but not quite) useless.

In other news - the England V India cricket match ended in a draw. India were saved by the bad weather - shame really but it was a good match to listen to. Although a lot of time was lost to rain it was interesting. Thankfully I have LW on my car radio and my little radio at work so I was able to listen to it. During the lunch interval they interviewed Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter in the movies) and as well as being a cricket fan he turned 18 today - that means that he can legally drink alcohol in the UK but not the US.

Anyway, time to make something to eat - and lots of it too.
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