madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Still here

I admit that I've been busy today cleaning and tidying up the computers etc in my living room, but I'm still way too tired even accounting for that. Probably the workload at work causing it - but thats life. Luckily I didn't go to a Bonfire Party tonight, I think it would have overloaded me way too much. Call me a killjoy if you want, but I do what I do.

I moved a couple of my computers around - I have 3 running currently. My main one, one installed as a server and another as a hardware firewall/router. My plan is to eventually have the server do the firewall/router work, but that'll take time as I need to secure it better (as well as configure it correctly). Until that happens I'm going to have to run a cable across the room when I want to use the server as I've massively

While doing all this I had to laugh - its a good job I have no significant other (and an extremely low chance of that situation changing) as I would have been screamed at for the amount of times I spend tweaking all this stuff.
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