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Laptops and XP

During the time I've been spending rushing around, packing labs and my office etc etc I've been trying to setup a laptop.

Firstly, the inital XP installation was corrupt - so its a full reinstall, not a problem. Once installed I got the driver downloads from the manufacturers website and started applying them. Everything was going well, until I tried to install service pack 2. If failed....., so another reinstall later and now after the network driver is installed it tells me the 'media disconnected' - although if I do a LAN boot it picks up the LAN boot server. Again the SP2 install doesn't work.........

Did another install today and it seems to work so far, but the audio complains that the Microsoft SM bus driver isn't installed - but it is, I installed it and its there. Quick search on the internet brings up the problem and the solution - I need to download a fix from Microsoft - except that fix is only available directly from Microsoft support and not on the website. One download from secret place later and its happy - so far this seems to be working and I may finally get to sorting it out.

So, do Laptops have it in for me? I certainly think so but thats life....

Back to packing and installing......
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