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Laptop - the war is almost won

The laptop I mentioned on the 2nd is almost tamed.

The 5th install seems to be behaving itself and its almost finished - just a defrag and image to do and its done.

After installing Service Pack 2 I've had to run Windows Update twice (followed by reboots), then 2 runs of the office update program. I think I've had to reboot now approximately 12 times with the various drivers, programs and updates, thats not including the 2 reboots during the XP install.

As a note - when I installed Solaris 10 on the Ultra 5 I had to reboot it twice, once the install reboot to load the OS from the disk to which it happily carried on installing from the other cd's (I only have a CD drive on that machine, otherwise it would have installed the entire OS from a single DVD with one reboot at the end to boot the system). I ran the online solaris update and that required a single reboot and all the updates were install - not rerunning the tool to update any updates that needed updating.

Not a rant - more of an observation.
Tags: microsoft, solaris, work
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