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I should have taken the day off

Today was the first assignment due in at work. When this occurs a few things happen. Firstly - the lab gets busy quite quickly, next students start panicking (due in at 12.00 dog ate disk etc). Finally, the students seem to loose the ability to be able to do almost anything. As the deadline approaches people get worried - from corrupted disks to cd's which don't read etc. Some idiot messed with the printer settings and set the tray to the manual feed one. Why - because they 'think it'll print quicker'. We have a very fast high capacity printer, people wonder why I get annoyed when I have to reset this stuff - when will they learn that I know a LOT more (not trying to sound like I'm boasting) about computers than they do. I know a hell of a lot more about the lab and how it all works (mainly because I set the whole system up). I'm starting to get a little fed up of the 'I did this at home......' - yes, it may work AT HOME, but not an a LAN with servers and I doubt that they have expensive network printers either. Looks like I need to lock down the computers even more - its getting tiresome but not as tiresome as a lot of students.

Another silly thing - called to the main lecture theatre because the projector wasn't showing the computer screen. Someone had forced the monitor cable into the machine (old pc bolted to desk) upsidedown. I few minutes of bending pins back into shape and its all ship shape and bristol fashion.

I had a call from one of the people at my music group - asking why I hadn't been for a couple of weeks. Basically, my wrist had been too painful and as we haven't a concert for a while I'd missed it. The REALLY annoying thing is that anyone else can missed weeks without anyone blinking an eyelid. I miss it and I get the vision of search parties - hell, I don't know why, I'm not the best player or a leader. I lead the flute section as I'm the only flute. The last time I missed a few weeks someone else phoned. Sometimes, being the 'if anyone will turn up....' person is really annoying.

Ah well, next deadline is on Friday - I wonder if I should take the day off........
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