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Tueday - its only Tuesday

Another day of rushing around. Good bits are that I think I have the new 'staff' machine images done. This means I won't have to do complete installs on current machines. Thanks for sysprep and g4u which massively lowers the amount of time to deploy computers.

One 'different' job today was to try to get a better microphone pickup in the video labs for some presentations tomorrow. After much messing around and fiddling with settings (oh for a decent sound mixing desk) I finally managed to increase the sensitivity. That only wasted the best part of 2 hours - all because some students don't have the ability to speak at a fairly decent volume when presenting (although they are quite loud normally).

Ah well, the pickup is a little too sensitive now, so coughs, heavy walking........ Need I continue;-)

Ah well - going to the cinema tomorrow evening with mom and one of my sisters. I just hope I can get though the traffic in time to get there. There are major roadworks happening all over the place and the traffic is getting a little beyond a joke at the moment.

Looks like another minor miracle of local navigation required.
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