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A fairly standard first day of the first week of lectures.

Basically - students not being able to find lecture rooms (now coupled with staff not knowing where lecture rooms are due to the campus move). Lecturers forgetting basic facts in projector/laptop usage. Also, in the atrium its freshers weeks so thats manic too.

Hence I had a day of lots of phone calls and 'simple' fixes. Oh well, just another start of year.

To add more fun to the mix I'm coming down with a cold - so, I'm using the standard plan I have. Battle on and have start drinking down the lemsip max. I don't tend to take sick days with colds as I need to be doing something. Running low on lemsip but if they don't sell it in the shop on campus I'll stagger up to the nearby shopping centre for a resupply mission. The downside to the cold is that almost every joint is aching to some degree which is a pain at times - the lemsip helps with that too.
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