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Defence Upgrades......

A few of you might remember that last Christmas one of my sisters bought me a USB Missile Launcher. Which is fun and a laugh.

As I had a small amount of back pay last month and it was my birthday I decided to treat myself to a couple of things. One was a piece of hardware that'll allow me to interface some electronics to my computer via USB (so I can work on my electronics knowledge and computer programming at the same time).

The other thing I got (thanks to ebay) was the USB Rocket Launcher.

This latter item boasts twice the range of the missile launcher and also doesn't need any extra power (the missile launcher requires batteries).

Now..... the missile launcher is fun - the rocket launcher is downright scary - you can see the missiles fly, the rocket launcher is just a blur.......

Now, if I can just mess around with this then it could be funny.

*cue mad evil sounding laughter*
Tags: usb fun
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