madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

One of those days...

Ever had a day when you thought you'd done a lot of stuff, but it seems you haven't?

Well, today was that for me. I wanted to sort the 'phone sockets out at home. I need to move my main 'phone closer to my desk (where I spend most of the time at home) so I don't have to sit on the floor for a coversation. But I'd left my circuit tester at work - this tester allows me to test several types of cable. It's mean't for network cables, but comes with adaptors to test other cables. I'm going to make some other adaptors for some of the more specialist stuff I use at work. It has a remote end so you can test REALLY long cables (think ones that go though ceilings and walls ;). Anyway, I picked it up after badminton tonight, as I was close enough to work to pop in (my key lets me in as its a 'remote' building.

Mum dropped by to drop a couple of things off and stayed for a cuppa char. She'd bought the dog with her so he had a walk. He likes my house, he just settles down brilliantly (so he has a place to stay if my parents are stuck for a dogsitter). She couldn't stay long as she was going to a football (soccer) match as she has a season ticket for the local team.

Apart from some cleaning up around the house, and the badminton this evening (I'll explain about my rather unique style of play another time), it seems that I haven't done much.

Heck, my week off is mostly gone and I haven't done much of what I hadplanned since Tuesday was a complete write-off. Two days left plus the weekend. Will I sort the telephones or will I just do something else completely - or maybe nothing at all.
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