madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

I want to strangle people

Today was one of those days.

Bit of background first. To stop students copying the same set of data one of the staff asked me a couple of years ago if we could create a set of data for each student - if each student has a specific set of data then they cannot copy anyone elses report. So, after a bit of thought I set up a system that did this (the idea was based on something another module did but this is to a higher degree). Basically - it worked, and worked well. This had the side effect of the member of staff wanting to expand it. Which we did, the latest incarnation gave the students a way of selecting which type of test they carry out and inputting their answer onto the system - this allows the staff to mark the report without having to copy all the data into the statistical package they use. This is good - until you find out that twice a year we have to reset everything and change stuff to suit a new group. Now split this into the various programmes (on campus, online and Israel) and its three different setups for three different courses twice a year. The load is a little too much - the next incarnation of the system will remove most of the problem, but this will take a long time for me to create and write.

So..... Today, I was trying to finish the first one, its fairly easy as no answer matrixes are needed - just data creation. After a lot of interuptions I finally got 3 of the 4 scripts finished. Once those are done its about a hour to finish. Then it was every couple of minutes a knock on the office door or a telephone call. I finally seemed to get some peace around 4.30 when just about everyone else on the site has finished (another late night at work). Then someone comes in asking if anyone has any jump leads as we have a car with a flat battery (most staff know I always have a set in my car). I finally get back to the office, tried again to get back and finish - but I eventually realised that it was useless.

Got home about 7.00pm - waste of a day, and loose a good portion of my evening. I bought a copy of my notes home with me, if I get a chance, I may try and finish the last dataset. I want to get the new machines for lab 2 started, if not installed.

Oh yeah, I requested a couple of quotes for hardware from the purchasing team - this is only the third time of asking so I may even get them back this time. I really hate this as I know I could get the stuff quicker and cheaper than they do - but I have to go though these systems. I knew I had to work though a lot of red tape when I first started - I just didn't realise that they get a couple of lorry loads of the stuff delivered each week.

That idiot with a torch is sending people to stop me until a new set of work appears for him (or her) to bring to me.
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