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Bonfire Night/Week/Weekend with a twist

Its been a fairly noisy weekend here. As today is Guy Fawkes night people have been having bonfire parties on Friday/Saturday and Sunday - they'll be more this night as today is the 'day' itself. Basically fireworks going off quite a lot since sundown (around 4.30pm) until the early hours which make it hard to concentrate (but I didn't find sleep too difficult).

It'll be a week or so before the fireworks eventually stop but the main lot will be finished over the next couple of days.

Last night I looked outside the window to see a 'haze' like it was foggy - not a surprise since bonfires tend to make a lot of smoke;-) Although on the radio this morning it turns out that a disued pub nearby (The Rhino) had mostly burnt down in what was a fairly major fire - its around 1/4 mile away from me.....

Oh well - thats life.

For anyone who is bored enough to want to read about the 'Gunpowder Plot' the BBC has this rather good set of webpages about it.

Okay, back to work
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