madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,


Well, its now December - so I now allow myself to think Christmas. I decided a few years ago not to start or get pulled in to celebrating too early. There are exceptions to the rule - for example I will practice Christmas music before December if I have a concert or similar, or getting a present or two (in passing or to ensure it arrives on time sort of thing).

Other than that not much else happening - the latest England cricket test series has started (against and in Sri-Lanka). Coverage starts at 5am so I miss the start of the play - England definatly have the advantage but we'll see how they survive batting tomorrow.

Hmmm, need to drag out the box of Christmas music tomorrow and maybe even service a clarinet - I may need more reeds though so I ajourney to the city during lunch next week may be required (I can use the unibus at least for that).
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