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I was correct - the start did not bode well.

Well, from the begining I had today the day just stayed about the same.

A tough day, some very stupid students who really should know better but still amaze me though their acts of stupidity. These people are studying for a degree and seem to lack basic skills, or the ability to use the skills if they have them.

The only good point is that I have the final dataset creation script done. All I now need to add them into the main part of the programme and thats it complete.

Shopping after work was okay, the place is quite due to the time I arrive there and so I'm able to get around quickly and out before my head explodes with noise and people. Going on a Monday night is a decent plan which serves. Only problem is that they tend to do 2 for 1 offers or money off if you buy several things. I go for these so I can save money, except I do end up with rather a lot of stuff at times. I suspose its best in the long run, but seems silly at the amount of stuff I do have at times.

I hope tomorrow is better - after today it can't get too much worse.
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