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Fire fun

When I arrived this morning I started my normal routine (boil kettle, check servers, make tea etc) as normal. About 5 minutes later a plumber appeared asking about the heating fault I'd reported (a few rooms have no heating) - I shows him the problem, opened a few rooms for him so he could check the other heating etc.

About 10 minutes later the cleaner knocked on the door and asked if we should be evacuating as the fire alarms in E (east) and N (north) towers were sounding. The answer to that is no - we're on a zone system and T block is on a seperate zone.

I joined some other technicians who are fire wardens (I'm going to be trained as one at some point) and assisted them. There was a lot of steam/smoke coming from a ground level grate and a 'funny' smell. Fire service arrived and went into the maze of tunnels below the site (heating/electricity/cables etc). The Atrium was evacuated next due to the fact that the problem tunnel was below it.

In the end the smoke/steam was blown out of the area and everything checked by the fire service - no fire but a 4" hot water pipe had burst and the electrical trips went, cutting off the power to a few things including some fire alarm circuits - hence the alarms went off. The entire university has no heating until a repair is made (the pipe is part of the heating system) and there will be no heating to T block (my base block) for the 'foreseeable future'.

Funny thing is - I wonder if the plumber trying to repair the heating in the few rooms in T block had caused the main to burst (or it could have been the cold as I had spent a while clearing the windows of my car off so I could drive to work.
Tags: heating, work
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