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Fighting my way uphill

A tough day, but some a tiny ray of light - maybe those unjinxing spells helped. Or it could be that idiot with the torch trying something new.

I mush have the record now for starting a job, then being interupted and having to restart. The problem is that its not a job that you can just put down and pick up again when you want. Hence disturbances are more problematic. A fair few students with idiot problems (and a few with some sensible ones). Then, this afternoon some of the final year students doing their experiments in the labs (and in the bit next to them) so I couldn't get any piece and quiet. I finally, got it finished late and I only have a little bit to do tomorrow. The main part is done so the member of staff can check it over so we can fine tune the parameters later.

I seem to be the only person on the campus with a set of jump leads, luckily I'm well practised in jump starting cars now. Again - it was another interuption that I could have done without. As well as the member of staff who seems to break his webpages everytime he uses them. He won't use my nice system which does everything for you, so I have no choice but to repair the mess each time.

Lastly - I had a really bad day with my wrist. It hurt badly, so I missed music this evening (again). I got a telephone call not so long ago asking where I was. Most people can disappear for a few weeks and come back without anyone noticing. I, on the other hand get calls asking what had happened - even though I have told people that if my wrist has a bad day, then I probably won't turn up.

Thats life I suspose. The madman who always appears through thick and thin has a reputation of turning up no matter what - except I have to now limit myself. Its useless trying to play a two handed flute when one hand is mostly useless.

I've got a little further up the hill and taken cover behind a rock while I grab a breather for the next push
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